Bluetooth Pillow


You do not want far from the phone. Any time you want to talk with your sweetheart. Total time that you use per day is not counted. However, you must be careful, use your hand to hold the phone or mobile phone to become stiff. Now, to overcome this problem, use this one tool. Bluetooth Purcushion Pillow is the media that you can use to receive phone calls. How it works similar to an earphone, but made a pillow shape. Thus, you can sleep while talking with your sweetheart. Micropone position there is on the side of the bluetooth pillow. However, for those of you that if it is directly above the pillow drowsiness, do not fall asleep until ago. Your love may be angry, because you stay asleep. (Price: $530)

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Tazkiyatunnafs said...

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GadgetGirl said...

wow it's a kind of head-cracker i suppose)))))) a crazy thing

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