MP3 Player Cassette


Cassette had become a favorite for the music media in a time long enough. Even still quite a lot that has a cassette player, both on the compo or audio system at home or in car head unit. This product is an MP3 player, in the form of a cassette. Can be enjoyed directly by using the head-phone or through the head via a tape adapter. As media storage, this product is not accompanied by internal memory and only rely on slot SD / MMC card (maximum capacity of 2 GB). Equipped with a battery built-in 450mAh lithium. USB interface is available to make the process work recharge the battery. Compared to create a cassette containing the collection of favorite songs, of course this is faster and easier.

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Wow it's great. Good design. But How much this? you not describe on your gadget review. Next time if you preview other gadget better show the price. Oke thanks you.

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